Concorso Bandistico “Altopiano Selvino-Aviatico”

II Edition – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2022


The Concert Band “La Montanara” of Selvino with The Association of Bergamo Music Bands and the patronage of the Municipalities of Selvino, Aviatico and the Tourist Association “Promoserio”, organize for the days Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2022 the 2nd Edition of the “Altopiano Selvino-Aviatico” Band Competition.


The rehearsals of the competition will be held in the Congress Hall of Selvino (BG) located in Corso Milano n° 19 or at “Palafaip” near by if we will still have Covid Issue.


The judging committee appointed by the Artistic Director of the competition consists of clear fame Masters specialized in the band sector:

M° Fulvio Creux (Jury President)

M° Andrea Loss (Jury Member)

M° Armando Saldarini (Jury Member)


All legally established non-professional musical formations will be able to register.

Participation involves the execution of:

1 compulsory piece and 1 free choice piece (THIRD CATEGORY).


Compulsory Piece: “Suoni dell’Altopiano” of Michele Mangani – Eufonia


Registration applications must be submitted no later than 31st March 2022 by sending the requested material electronically.


For informations:

The Competition Office: 

Mrs. Manuela Nicoli – Phone: +39 347 998 4411

Mr.Fabio Beretta-Phone: +39 348 3230883







Article 1

All legally established non-professional musical formations will be able register for the competition; except, of course, the winner of the 1st edition. Italian, European and Swiss associations are admitted.

Participation involves the execution of two (2) original scores for band: 1 (one) compulsory piece and one (1) free choice piece; The insertion of musicians outside the usual staff is allowed up to a maximum of 20% of the actual elements, which must be reported in the name list, together with the instrument played. As a reference, the last list filed with the relevant band associations will prevail (e.g. ABBM, ABMB, AMBAC, ANBIMA, etc.).

External musicians can perform in the competition with ONE Music Association ONLY.

Article 2

All Bands will have to perform a freely chosen piece together with the mandatory piece. The free choice piece must respect the difficulty parameters of GRADE 3 otherwise the Artistic Director may decide not to let the band participate in the competition. Before each performance, the bands will have a space for warm-up and intonation, for a useful time of 30 (thirty) minutes; The Bands will have 5 (five) minutes for the accommodation on the stage, the presence on the stage must not exceed 30 (thirty) actual minutes beyond which penalties will be triggered.

Each band can freely perform a warm-up song that will not be evaluated; the same must not exceed the time limit of 3 (three) minutes (the jury reserves the right to interrupt the execution beyond the allowed limit). The Bands must send to the competition secretariat no later than 30th April 2022, No. 3 (three) original copies of the scores of the free choice piece according to the provisions of the regulation: the scores will be returned to the groups participating in the end of the competition tests. The responsibility for the use of any photostatic copies of scores and edited parts will fall exclusively on the Band, under penalty of exclusion from the competition test. In addition, before entering the stage, a delegate will check the veracity of the score and individual parts.

Article 3

Participation involves the performance of two original compositions: 1 compulsory piece and 1 free choice piece (Third Category);

The compulsory piece is: “Suoni dell’Altopiano” of Michele Mangani – Eufonia



Article 4

The one-time registration fee is € 250.00 to be paid no later than 31st March 2022. If registration and payment will take place before 31st March 2022 at 12.00, they can use the discount, decided by the Artistic Director, equal to 20% of the registration fee (€ 200.00 instead of € 250.00).

The registration requests, drawn up on the attached facsimile below and filled in pdf file (the incompleteness of the applications will result in the non-acceptance of the same), must be sent to the e-mail:

to the attention of the Artistic Director of the Competition, no later than 31st March 2022 at 12.00, accompanied by the documents listed below:

  1. registration form;
  2. identity document, currently valid by the legal representative;
  3. curriculum of the Concert Band;
  4. curriculum of Artistic Director;
  5. 1 photo of the complete group and 1 photo of the Artistic Director;
  6. list of actual staff members and administrative managers (with date, place of birth and tax residence included)
  7. reporting of minor and external musicians;
  8. contact details;
  9. technical sheet of the arrangement on the stage during the competition;
  10. privacy disclaimer;
  11. receipt of payment made by bank transfer to:


Corpo Musicale “La Montanara” di Selvino (BG)

IBAN:  IT85N0306953500100000001418

REASON: Contribution to the band competition / Heading of the “Musical group name”




Article 5

The jury appointed by the Artistic Director of the competition is made up of well-known masters specialized in the band sector:


M° Fulvio Creux (Jury President)

M° Andrea Loss (Jury Member)

M° Armando Saldarini (Jury Member)


The artistic director of the competition, if he deems it necessary, can replace or integrate one or more members of the Jury;

The Jury’s decisions, expressed by the individual members in cents, will be final and unappealable;

Verbal complaints or complaints are not allowed in the theater and outside. The same may be subject to litigation;

The Jury reserves the right not to evaluate the bands without the necessary requirements;

Final evaluation sheets with diplomas and prizes will be delivered during the closing ceremony scheduled for 26th June 2022;

Each official paper document will be written in Italian;

At the final award ceremony, scheduled for 26th June 2022, the Bands and / or their representatives are required to attend the collection of the documents and / or prizes obtained. (Any failure will result in the forfeiture of the prizes acquired and the sending of only the documentation by the organization by courier and / or mail charged entirely to the Bands);

The calendar of performances will be drawn up by the Artistic Director and communicated by email by 1st of May 2022;

The organization considers itself free to decide not to run the competition when the number of participating bands does not reach 8 (eight) units. If the bands do not exceed 10 (ten) units, the day of the competition will be exclusively on Sunday 26th June 2022.

Article 6

The Commission will express the judgment, for the compulsory and free choice piece with the following 8 (eight) evaluation criteria for the musical bands, decided by the Artistic Director and by the President of the Jury:

Article 7

The calendar of performances will be drawn up by the Artistic Director and communicated by email at 1st of May 2022, moreover the same will first be agreed directly with the Bands and then be published on the website of the “Associazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali”, in the section dedicated to the competition;

The management reserves the right, if it deems it necessary, to make changes to the competition calendar; the masters and presidents of the participating bands can have a moment of discussion individually with the Jury in private before the final award ceremony.

The organization provides to bands: chairs, music stands and “only and exclusively” all the percussion instruments mentioned in the score of the compulsory piece.

The bands at their discretion can still bring their percussion instruments upon written notice, at the time of registration, to the Artistic Director;

The size of the stage will be notified by mail to registered bands. The organization strongly recommends the participating associations not to exceed 55 (fifty-five) units of performers considering the size of the stage.

The organization of the competition does not take any responsibility when a band decides to participate with a higher number of performers than the maximum recommended number of 55 (fifty-five) performers.

The following instruments will not be provided: Double bass, percussion batons and all additional instruments, in addition to those provided by the management for the compulsory piece, present in the pieces of free choice. All the other instruments will obviously be totally borne by the bands involved in the performance.

A synthetic drawing about the arrangement of the band on the stage with the relative number of chairs and music stands needed is welcome.

Article 8

The final ranking will be compiled scrolling based on the score obtained from the highest to the lowest in HUNDREDS (100/100).

Article 9

The prizes for the 3 winning bands will be awarded with instruments – vouchers for purchasing musical materials for the following amounts:

1st Place 900,00 Euro

2nd Place 600,00 Euro

3rd Place 300,00 Euro

No ex-fair prizes will be awarded; the Artistic Director and the Jury reserve the right to assign further prizes for performances of interest and certificates of merit to the Conductors or Performers who have demonstrated particular artistic skills.

Article 10

The Video and Audio recordings of the competition phase are the exclusive property of the Direction of the competition which will make its material available for educational purposes only, through a prior request sent by the Bands registered to the same.



Article 11

All travel, board and lodging expenses are borne by the participating bands;

The organization has foreseen agreements with local tourist activities (hotels, restaurants and bars) on the days of the competition (for information, ask the secretariat of the competition itself).

Article 12

The official information will be available on the competition page through the website of the “Associazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali” and from an institutional website under construction.

Participation in the competition implies total unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this regulation.

Information and clarifications:

The Competition Office: 

Mrs. Manuela Nicoli – Phone: +39 347 998 4411

Mr.Fabio Beretta-Phone: +39 348 3230883






  1. By law, the use of photocopies is not allowed, the participating bands must send no. 3 original scores by 1st of May 2022 by registered mail to the Competition Secretariat:

Manuela Nicoli


“La Montanara” di Selvino

Via Poggio Ama, 2

24020 Selvino (Bergamo)


  1. The bands registered can hold concerts and / or perform exhibitions near the competition only if authorized by the organization, under penalty of exclusion from the same.
  2. The organization declines all responsibility for any damage and accidents to people and / or things that occurred in the context of the Competition;
  3. It is forbidden to make video / audio recordings of the competition tests, without express authorization from the association;
  4. It is forbidden to disseminate and publish on any website and channels (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) Audio / Video recordings other than those provided and authorized by the association which reserves all rights. (any unauthorized publications may be subject to litigation);
  5. The registered Bands have no right or claim or financial request towards the association and / or the transmitting body in the event of photographic, radio, television, recording and / or recording recordings made in the context of the Competition;
  6. SIAE endorsement is a personal responsibility of each participating Band.
  7. The association reserves the right to cancel the Competition if there are no minimum requirements for the performance. (After returning the fees paid at the time of registration);
  8. For any disputes the competent court is that of Bergamo (Italy).




Download the complete regulation in PDF format