Corpo Bandistico Musicale “La Montanara” 

The Group was born in 1966.

Every Wednesday evening the group meets to study and prepare the concerts of the season together: in summer (July and August) and during the Christmas period. The repertoire is very vast and ranges from classical to modern music.

For children and adults who want to learn to play, there are individual music courses in which they can choose the instrument they want. The Junior band was also born to deepen the ensemble music right away.

In addition to the concerts, the La Montanara band animates the most important moments of the life of the plateau with parades and playing at the processions. The main objective is to spread the musical culture among the children in the area and give them a way to socialize.

ABBM – Associazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali

ABBM Associazione Bergamasca Bande Musicali is a federation of bands and other musical groups from the Province of Bergamo. It was founded in March 1991 by the will of 85 Presidents of Bergamo musical bands, aimed at pursuing cultural, educational and social objectives, in particular regarding band music.

Despite being particularly aimed at the Bergamo area, the Association’s activity has now acquired, beyond the specific territorial reference, a prestigious role of national importance in the field of training, research and concert planning.

The Association has about 100 associated musical groups and organizes dozens of musical events every year, as well as courses and training meetings of a musical and managerial / organizational type.

In particular, thanks to the continuous observatory on the problems, the assistance work that ensures 360 degrees to the associates and the collaboration with some legislative offices, the reference also becomes logistical, administrative and statutory.
ABBM also maintains constant contacts and collaborates with trade associations, among which the Permanent Table of the Italian Band Federations stands out.
To make the Bands take off towards coveted destinations, however, the serious preparation of the musicians must be underlined, meticulously cared for by the Masters, many of whom trained at the direction courses organized by the Association.