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Compulsory Piece

Suoni dell’Altopiano

Author: Mangani Michele
Publisher: Edizioni Musicali Eufonia
Difficulty: 3
Duration: 9’40”

The first part of the piece opens with a pedal of serious sounds and with the rain tree, which wants to represent when Selvino, in prehistoric times, was the backdrop of a large sea. The essence of the initial theme is that of Noter de Berghem, who then evolves into a grandiose, describing the lands emerged from the waters, rising towards the sky. A cheerful merriment follows, using the initial theme of the trumpets. This moment is inspired by when, in the early Middle Ages, Selvino was just a forest of beech trees. The central part of the song can then be heard, in which distant voices of a mountain song echo. The last episode (a merry one) is dedicated to the story reported by a distinguished historian from Bergamo, Celestino Colleoni, who lived in 1600, which attests, in an ancient notarial document, the birth of Salvino (hence Selvino), of the Grittis family of S. Andrea, near Bergamo. In fact, the father of the child, seeing that there were disagreements in the city, led his whole family to the top of a mountain where he built a castle, from which Selvino was born. Even the latter part is built on the ancient theme of Bergamo.

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